Very large diameter sealing system



Application :
Very large diameter sealing system

Project duration : Since 2000

Constraints :

  • Seawater
  • Heavy swell

8 m below sea level

Project :

Sealing systems of a ball pivot allowing the connection of a floating barge to the embankment of Monaco

Challenge :
Ensuring the maintenance of the sealing systems without removing the ball pivot every ten years

Context :
The seals must seal the mechanical ball pivot located on a mechanical floating barge operating at 8 meters under sea level.   
The diameter of the bell to be sealed is of 2.30 metres.
In 2000, the client chose PXL SEALS to design a customised sealing system, especially developed for this application. The seal, moulded into one piece, complies with very particular specifications.

The PXL SEALS solution :
15 years later, the client is using the services of PXL SEALS to ensure the maintenance of the sealing systems in 2016.

A study is underway to replace the ball pivot seal without removing the ball pivot, by using the Way MD process. The operation is to take place in extremely difficult conditions. The team will implement its knowledge and expertise to study the work conditions onsite.

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