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Slewing rings and Large bearings


Seals fitted with slewing rings and large bearings are used to maintain the lubrication of ring and bearing tracks and bearings over time as well as to protect them against dust and the intrusion of foreign matter.

Under certain conditions, these sealing techniques are exposed to severe environmental conditions (sun, salt water, grease, ozone, temperatures and thermal variations). As a result, the material must be selected rigorously and extremely tight dimensional tolerances must be implemented.

PXL SEALS knows how to address such requirements, especially thanks to its know-how allowing it to mould single-piece seals with very large diameters, complying with tight tolerances in terms of sections as well as diameters. Its development technique for molded seals also makes it possible to replace sealing systems (seals and backing rings) without dismantling the equipment thanks to the patented MD Way technique.

These slewing rings and large bearings are fitted into large complex sub-assemblies for which  the maintenance periodicity is important. The PXL SEALS sealing systems shall also comply with long and scheduled service lives.

In order to satisfy these needs and design suitable sealing systems fitted with slewing rings and large bearings, PXL SEALS offers the following services:

  • On-site expertise,
  • Technical design of the sealing solution adapted to the specifications,
  • On-site installation.

The PXL SEALS sealing systems are mainly used to equip the following applications:

  • Orientation of hydroelectric turbine blades and propellers

  • Various mechanical systems (radars, military tank turrets, forklift trucks, cranes, tunnel boring machines, marine propulsion shafts, etc.).

  • Wind turbines on the steering ring gear shaft of the nacelle (Yaw) and on the blades of the slewing bearings (pitch).

  • Mobile oil rigs on slewing rings, with which they are equipped.

On most of these applications, the onsite MD WAY vulcanisation technique is used for grouting the ends of a sealing system openly mounted on a blade trunnion, inside the housing of a radar seal, of an oil rig slewing ring onsite and thus avoiding the costly disassembly of the equipment.

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