Success Stories

Design and production of seals, on-site interventions: references and success stories

For over 25 years, PXL SEALS has been there for its clients to design, manufacture and install sealing systems on site for hydropower and renewable energy (wind energy and MRE) players, and large bearings in companies operating in various industry sectors, such as naval, offshore, construction and public works, and automotive, etc.

We work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), with mechanical companies and with operators responsible for maintenance, repair and operations/overhaul (MRO).

Whenever it comes to key seals, companies both within and outside of France rely on PXL SEALS, which is renowned for its know-how and expertise in terms of sealing systems. They appreciate our attentiveness and ability to deal with their problem. These seals are deemed critical because in the event of a failure, they can cause the installations to shut down for a varying duration depending on the time needed to locate the leak and develop a solution.

This is why we wanted to share with you some of our design, installation and seal replacement success stories.

Read some accounts of our successfully accomplished seal design, manufacturing and on-site interventions in the following business sectors:

Seals for hydroelectric applications and dams

Seals for Large Bearings