The experience we have built up over more than 30 years with major ordering parties has enabled us to develop ranges of seals tailored to the various high-stakes markets.  We have a presence in the energy, naval and oil & gas sectors, and we support all operators and their subcontractors with maintenance and manufacturers of systems and large bearings with the original equipment.

As we are conscious of the challenges that seals present for our clients, our products are manufactured with strict respect for processes from specially developed materials that take into account each market’s individual constraints. 

Our design office is responsible for developing our made-to-measure solutions and ranges. It is responsive to our clients’ sealing issues and supports them to find the best solutions. It may have to carry out finite element digital simulations by FEA or simulations on test benches.

A large proportion of the products that we can offer are produced in our manufacturing workshops in Valserhône (France), near major transport networks and airports, enabling easy organisation of deliveries throughout the world.

Our products are tested and packaged carefully in air-conditioned premises.

Discover our ranges of seals by business sector:

  • Hydro Seals
  • Guidance
  • Seals for Large Bearings
  • Seals for industry
  • Specific parts and seals
  • Sealing solution studies/design office



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