« PXL SEALS has become a preferred partner of major European design and construction companies thanks to our involvement in all steps of the sealing process. »


PXL SEALS major market thrust focuses on the renewable energy sector, in particluar in the hydro power industry

Please find all information on the HYDRO range and applications in the below catalogues :

From the initial customer contact, PXL SEALS helps identify and define the projects specific variables. After studying the customers specific needs, we deliver standard sealing solutions or our engineers design and create a customized sealing system.

In addition to designing and manufacturing its own sealing systems, we offer expertise from diagnosis all the way through to on-site installation services.

Our experts travel to any job site around the world, to define the projects technical issues and perform the sealing system installation. This field service and installation minimizes equipment downtime while ensuring a unique sealing system designed for the customer’s specific application. Please read more information on PXL SEALS on-site services.


PXL SEALS provide sealing solutions for hydroelectric power stations (turbines and valves), marine turbines and wind generators

    Pelton | Francis | Kaplan | Bulb | Pump-turbine for PSPS station
    Lift | Tainter | Flap | Bear Trap | Upstream and downstream stoplogs | Spherical | Butterfly | Hollow jet | Kaplan and Francis Turbine Ring Gate
    Expansion rings | Air Valves


Electricity and turbine producers

ADAMS AG • GE Renewable Energy – Hydro Power • ANDRITZ – Hydro • CNR – Compagnie Nationale du Rhône • EDF – Electricité de France – Hydro Power • FCT – Flow Control Technologies, TYCO Group • HYDRO EXPLOITATION SA • LITOSTROJ POWER, CIMOS Group • SBM OFFSHORE GROUP • VOITH hydro