On-site appraisals

PXL SEALS can help its clients resolve problems associated with their sealing system by visiting their site:

  • Systematic analysis of the seal's environment

  • On-site appraisal of the housing

  • Appraisal of the removed seal and the changes it has undergone over time

Once the appraisal has been carried out, the PXL SEALS design office will analyse the causes of the system’s failure and define or design the most appropriate solution for the situation, which it will present in a detailed technical file.

Replacing a key seal is no mean feat. It requires a good knowledge of the applications and associated environment and constraints. PXL SEALS has built up its expertise over 30 years working in the field with our clients, who appreciate the attention devoted to them and the way in which we handle their issues.

Expertise d'une vanne de tête

Appraisal of a head valve


Cadres de vannes

Actions taken on a servo motor actuator


Vérin de servomoteur

Mesures prises sur un vérin de servomoteur


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