On-site Expertise

We provide on-site expertise is found at several steps :

  • Expertise of the housing upon removal : check the condition of housings and recommend the best-suited solution.
  • Expertise of the seal led : information collecting on the behavior of the seal, its evolution over time, and decision on whether to reconduct the existing solution or not.
  • Expertise of the seal fitting and/or removal method : advice by PXL SEALS on the fitting method optimizes sealing quality, hence its effectiveness and durability.

On-site installation

  • Study, design and supply of the recommended sealing system
  • Complete seal change intervention with vulcanization on-site with portable press
  • Maintenance team support intervention for assembly : PXL SEALS provides control and monitoring of fitting the sealing in the housing
  • Intervention of information or training of maintenance operators in the right assembly process to fit sealing

On-site expertise and installation

This complete service ensures a reliable result and liability is ours. It includes the above described steps:

  • Expertise of the housing upon removal
  • Expertise of the seal led
  • Expertise of the seal fitting and/or removal method 
  • Study, design and supply of the sealing system recommended
  • Complete seal change intervention

The patented MD-Way technology is a method of seal joining by molding / vulcanization . It allows the installation of high performance seals of unlimited diameter and replaces existing sealing systems without the need to remove or significantly dismantle the equipment.


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