Technically and financially high-stakes sealing systems for energy and high-performance industries


The history of PXL SEALS dates back to the start of the last century when we were already established in Bellegarde-sur-Valserine, in the French commune of Valserhône, at the confluence of the Valserine and the Rhône, as a manufacturer of sealing products and leather straps.

Nowadays, we draw on experience built up over more than 25 years with hydropower players, both in the French and international markets, to offer and produce our own ranges of seals for these markets, but also seals for other high-stakes industrial sectors.

This experience has enabled us to develop our client-support offering in terms of understanding their sealing problems and how to design suitable solutions, as well as in terms of our on-site service provision, appraisal and fitting.

Expertise, quality, attentiveness, responsiveness and involvement

From the outset, we have striven to promote quality and high standards, always being responsive to our clients.  Responsiveness and involvement are our values, while safety, environmental protection and the well-being of our teams are our day-to-day concerns.

Our QSST management system is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards.

Our moulding capacity allows us to manufacture seals with unlimited diameter and in managed elastomer grades.

The most suitable material and profile are selected by our design office, which can come up with the best technical compromises.  In the most specific cases, we can carry out tests on our materials and anticipate how our seals behave by conducting finite element digital simulations.

PXL SEALS, specialist in high-stakes seals, from original equipment to maintenance and from design to on-site intervention

Since sealing projects with high technical and financial stakes require an overall understanding of the project, PXL SEALS will support you at all phases of your project, from original equipment to maintenance, in France and throughout the world: appraisal, design and manufacture of the seal, installation on site and maintenance.

The patented MD WAY™ technique of on-site bonding through curing can be used to replace key seals without disassembly or bonding, which ensures uniform properties over the entire periphery of the seal.

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