MRO - Maintenance

PXL SEALS works alongside numerous operators and their subcontractors in the repairs and maintenance markets.  


Joint d'arbre tournant

The intervention team carries out operations that can range from the replacement of a seal to the full management of the maintenance of the turnkey sealing system:

  • Once the seal has been designed and manufactured, we coordinate the dispatch of the material and send our teams to the intervention location.

  • Circular seals can be installed all in one piece. In this case, the system is disassembled and access to the housing is possible.

Otherwise, the seals can be produced using one of three different on-site bonding methodscold bonding, the HLB hot bonding by material addition process and the MD Way® on-site moulding process.

  • With cold bonding, the two ends of the seal are bonded on site with a cold-curing adhesive after the new seal has been designed and manufactured in our workshops.

  • With the HLB hot layer bounding process), the two ends of the seal are joined by adding elastomer.

  • The MD WAY® patented method can be used to create the bond entirely through on-site bonding without any external addition of adhesive or elastomer.

To find out more about the various on-site bonding options offered by PXL SEALS, and to learn about the properties of the bonds achieved and the benefits of our HLB and MD WAY® process, please take a look at the following article:

Intervention sur site

Bonding a blade seal using the MD Way on-site moulding process

On-site turnkey interventions

PXL SEALS can offer you a turnkey intervention service covering all of the preparation required for installing the seals (scaffolding, preparation of housings and mechanical work associated with the intervention).

Finally, we can also help your teams fit seals.

lso read our "success stories” section.



Intervention naval


Intervention sur joint de pale en atelier

In-workshop intervention on a blade seal


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