Guidance parts

Whether you are looking for guide rings, segments, washers, guide strips or ball joints, PXL SEALS supplies several ranges of finished or semi-finished products made from various materials:

  • PTFE
  • PE HD 1000

The PXL SEALS team will point you in the direction of the most appropriate solution according to your particular requirement.


PXLKOT composite guidance material

PXL KOT is a composite material comprising resin-impregnated synthetic fibres that hasexcellent guidance properties combined with reduced frictional forces. PXLKOT is very highly resistant to wear and abrasion and is available in numerous profiles, designs and sizes.


PXLKOT can be used in most applications requiring low-friction guidance parts. Its inherent characteristics help to improve the mechanical properties of the systems that it used in.


The main benefits of PXLKOT are:

- its high resistance

- its mechanical properties

- its ease of use under various different conditions.

For more information about PXLKOT guidance parts, please download the catalogue


Guidance is an essential addition to ensure the correct operation of a seal. In particular, it prevents mechanical parts from becoming off-centred, which can impair the sealing. The guidance part also helps with the performance of systems and makes them less sensitive to pollution. Recommended for use in a rod assembly or in a piston assembly.

1 / Bayonet cut - 2 / Straight line cut - 3 / Bevel cut

Available either as strips that can be cut to the desired length or as machined parts, guidance segments are widely used in linear applications, although they can be installed in rotary systems under certain conditions.

From hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders and feeders to actuators, shock absorbers and valves, the use of guidance segments is widespread across all industries.

Our design office is available to help you choose from a large number of materials: PTFE, charged PTFE, engineered plastics or PXLKOT heavy-load materials.

1 / Strips - 2 / Machined part - 3 / Machined part


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