Seals on the Vaufrey valve's spillway


Application :
Seals on the Vaufrey valve's spillway

Deadline : 2018

Project :

Seals on the Vaufrey valve's spillway

Challenge :

As part of a maintenance operation on one of the spillways of a hydroelectric installation, PXL SEALS was approached to replace the seals. While the side seals and threshold seals presented no real problem, the same could certainly not be said for the hinge units.

Context :

The originally installed units were no longer satisfactory in terms of operation, and replacing them with identical ones was ruled out due, in particular, to the need to disconnect the valve from its hinges in order to carry out the replacement.

The following specifications were drawn up jointly with a view to implementing a new solution to meet the customer’s expectations and requirements:

  • Guaranteeing the valve’s seal in the closed position, regardless of the water height
  • Not disconnecting the valve from its hinges when replacing the units
  • Carrying out the replacement through the upstream only

Avoid any mechanical modification of the valve

The PXL SEALS solutions :

The service provision was thus broken down into a series of key steps.


  1. Appraisal of the valve

  2. Modelling the valve and producing the seals

  3. Installing the seals

  4. Validation and requalification


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