Refurbishment of butterfly valve seals

12/05/2021 - posted in Experience

Our customers’ requirements vary from one piece of equipment to another, which is why PXL SEALS has been offering various butterfly valve refurbishment options for over 20 years. The connecting area between the trunnions and the lens is often critical and where major leaks can be found. (...)

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What options are available for designing your sealing solution?

16/03/2020 - posted in PXL Seals

The PXL SEALS design office: providing the engineering for your sealing projects For many years now, PXL SEALS has been renowned for its know-how and broad experience in the field of heavy-duty seals and, more particularly, for those associated with the energy sector. In addition to supplying (...)

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PXL Seals research laboratory

10/12/2017 - posted in PXL Seals

With a view to ensuring continuous innovation and the improved mastery of our products, we at PXL Seals have been conducting research for several years in order to validate our products and materials, both by adopting a theoretical approach and also, above all, by carrying out testing. To broaden (...)

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Jumbo seal for large bearings

07/11/2017 - posted in Large bearings

For more than 20 years, PXL SEALS is one of the major suppliers of high-stakes sealing solutions, especially for hydroelectric applications. However, the range of skills of the society is not limited to hydroelectric applications. Indeed, PXL SEALS is also committed for many years to the development (...)

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Punt Dal Gall

01/06/2017 - posted in HYDRO

Designing obturator sealing system to renovate guard gate and protect contributors: This was the challenge that PXL SEALS took up, on the impressive Punt Dal Gall dam. Which were the main steps to handle this project successfully? Discover how PXL Seals designed, manufactured and installed the (...)

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