PXL SEALS, a global partner of innovative firms for their sealing systems

31/01/2018 - posted in PXL Seals

PXL SEALS is a French company specialising in the research, design and production of seals and sealing systems. Over the years, we have acquired solid experience in seals for slewing rings, large bearings, energy production turbines, buoys and oil platforms. However, PXL SEALS is also a major (...)

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PXL Seals research laboratory

10/12/2017 - posted in PXL Seals

With a view to ensuring continuous innovation and the improved mastery of our products, we at PXL Seals have been conducting research for several years in order to validate our products and materials, both by adopting a theoretical approach and also, above all, by carrying out testing. To broaden (...)

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Jumbo seal for large bearings

07/11/2017 - posted in Large bearings

For more than 20 years, PXL SEALS is one of the major suppliers of high-stakes sealing solutions, especially for hydroelectric applications. However, the range of skills of the society is not limited to hydroelectric applications. Indeed, PXL SEALS is also committed for many years to the development (...)

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Should sealing be only designed considering material and geometry?

08/03/2015 - posted in Experience

Introduction Further to several customer experiences, we noticed that it is critical to work on both seal and housing parameters.   This new way of considering projects is based on a specific experience: the replacement of a valve trunnion. The equipment working conditions caused big (...)

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Mobile ring sealing: is D-ring the ideal solution at low pressure?

26/02/2015 - posted in Experience

Is D-ring the optimal answer to all mobile ring sealing issues? Not necessarily.  We would like to share our experience on low pressures applications.As required by a Hydro Power Customer, PXL SEALS proceeded to a mobile ring sealing of a spherical valve initially equipped with O-ring seals. (...)

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