PXL SEALS, a global partner of innovative firms for their sealing systems

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PXL SEALS is a French company specialising in the research, design and production of seals and sealing systems. Over the years, we have acquired solid experience in seals for slewing rings, large bearings, energy production turbines, buoys and oil platforms.

However, PXL SEALS is also a major player in other industry sectors such as motor racing, the food industry, mechanical engineering, medical, the iron and steel industry as well as other industries which use high-performance or high-stakes seals.



30 years’ experience and know-how in the industry

The strength of PXL SEALS lies in its ability to analyse and understand customers' requests and to provide a service and a product, or even consultancy, reflecting our customers’ needs as closely as possible. 30 years of experience and know-how built up by PXL SEALS through its work for industrial enterprises has given us an expert insight into each project.

We specialise in the most extreme applications in terms of (high or low) temperature, speed, pressure, load, friction, wear, etc.

A team of technical and commercial engineers is at your disposal to find the optimum guidance and sealing solutions. We take care of the complete definition of a system from scratch, and we provide replacement parts or improve the performance of existing sealing systems.

On request, the PXL SEALS design office, supported by our R&D laboratory, is able to conduct all of the research associated with your project, including 2D or 3D finite element simulations (digital simulations).

Specialising in managing strategic issues for our customers who consider sealing systems to be an overriding issue, PXL SEALS can support you from diagnosis through to installation.

Profiles and materials tailored to all your applications

To offer sealing systems that suit your applications perfectly, PXL SEALS has designed a very comprehensive range of products: O-rings, lip seal rings, U-seals, composite seals, PXLKOT guidance parts and segments, and special elastomer or plastic parts, etc.

All of these components are available in many combinations selected for their performance: NBR, EPDM, Silicone, FKM, FFKM, PU, HPU, PE, PVDF, PTFE, PFA, etc.

PXL SEALS pays particular attention to selecting its partners and the materials used in order to ensure that the sealing components we supply are highly reliable.

We manufacture seals in a wide range of sizes, from the smallest O-rings to the most complex very large seals produced using our patented “MD WAY” continuous moulding and on-site vulcanisation process, as well as the most complex sealing systems integrating numerous components, with everything made to measure for your applications.

Partner of innovative firms

The majority of PXL SEALS’ customers are OEMs, design offices or maintenance departments. Thanks to our exacting standards and know-how, we operate both on behalf of multinationals (GE, PSA, Liebherr, Andritz, Michelin, SKF, SBM, etc.) and high-performing and innovative very small businesses/SMEs throughout the world.

For this reason, PXL SEALS is involved internationally in numerous development agreements with its partners

Your problem is our passion! All of these specific characteristics make PXL SEALS the perfect partner for your sealing systems.

Contact us now to find out what we can offer your specific business sector.



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