Continuity of services during lockdown

27/03/2020 - posted in PXL Seals

To follow up on the COVID-19 measures taken by the government, we would like to inform you that the management and the entire PXL Seals team are mobilized to guarantee the safety of its employees but also the continuity of services. We are able to meet your needs and complete your orders reliably (...)

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What options are available for designing your sealing solution?

16/03/2020 - posted in PXL Seals

The PXL SEALS design office: providing the engineering for your sealing projects For many years now, PXL SEALS has been renowned for its know-how and broad experience in the field of heavy-duty seals and, more particularly, for those associated with the energy sector. In addition to supplying (...)

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Sealing solutions for innovative firms

02/10/2019 - posted in High-technology industries

PXL SEALS specialises in the design, manufacture and installation of high-performance guidance and sealing systems. Once it has studied the specific characteristics of your projects, our design office will advise you on the most appropriate sealing solution. Whether you require standard or (...)

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JB182 Profile for butterfly valve flange seal

29/03/2018 - posted in HYDRO

At PXL SEALS, heavy-duty seals have been the bread and butter of our engineers and technicians for decades now, as they continually search for powerful and innovative solutions to meet the needs of our customers and track down together all of the leaks adversely affecting the operation of equipment. (...)

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Jumbo seal for large bearings

07/11/2017 - posted in Large bearings

For more than 20 years, PXL SEALS is one of the major suppliers of high-stakes sealing solutions, especially for hydroelectric applications. However, the range of skills of the society is not limited to hydroelectric applications. Indeed, PXL SEALS is also committed for many years to the development (...)

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