What options are available for designing your sealing solution?

16/03/2020 - posté dans PXL Seals

The PXL SEALS design office: providing the engineering for your sealing projects

For many years now, PXL SEALS has been renowned for its know-how and broad experience in the field of heavy-duty seals and, more particularly, for those associated with the energy sector.

In addition to supplying standard and common products that are referenced on your plans and bills of materials, our design office can recommend the most appropriate seals for your applications, either to replace existing solutions or for new installations.  In consultation with you, we will define the most pertinent changes to make to your equipment in order to install the most effective sealing systems that meet your requirements, taking into account technological changes (materials, profiles, life span, etc.).

Aside from proposing recommendations based on our very rich feedback, we can offer you finite element digital simulations that can predict how our sealing systems will behave in your applications (in particular, withstanding of fatigue or pressure and deformation in operation, etc.) and validate this.

In order to validate new solutions under ‘real’ conditions, or ‘near-real’ conditions, we can also provide tailored test benches.

By using our laboratory equipment or in collaboration with our different partners, the mechanical properties of our materials are tested according to the various relevant standards, on standardised test pieces or on samples of finished products, in order to meet your requirements and expectations.  We can also perform compatibility tests to ensure that your fluids and our materials are compatible with each other, based on the project data.

All of these studies are tracked in project mode with planning and a detailed description of the different stages and the results. This enables us to extract the maximum amount of information and best meet your requirements.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific technical requests.

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