The main advantages of PXLKOT materials

19/04/2017 - posté dans HYDRO

For more than 20 years, PXL Seals appears as one of the major suppliers at high stake sealing solutions, mainly for hydropower applications. If we consider seals as major components to ensure the proper operation of a mechanical system, they are associated to other strategic components among which we find guidance systems. A bad guidance system could cause non-feature of sealing system and consequently harmful damage on the mechanical systems. So, it’s essential to associate seals and guidance.

To propose the best solution and avoid the multiplication of suppliers, PXL Seals decided to widen its product range by proposing more guidance systems. The proposed products are referenced under the range name of PXLKOT. It is a range of composite materials associating the characteristics of synthetic fiber to polymer resin. This range of materials is particularly adapted to dynamic applications requiring the use of low guide frictions.

The main applications concerned on hydropower sector are wicket gate trunnions and guide vanes, servomotors, blade and valve trunnions, but also in a more general way all mechanical shafts.

PXLKOT PXLSEALS rouleau gris

The main advantages of PXLKOT materials are:

  • Very good mechanical resistance allowing dimension reductions (for a given mechanical stress, the functional section to insure system functioning is lower compared to a classical guidance material);

  • Good resistance to wear and abrasion;

  • Reduction of friction stress even in dry functioning due to self-lubricating components;

  • Very good dimensional stability (low rates of absorption);

  • Excellent chemical compatibility with a large range of fluids (see table below) and temperatures;

  • On-site installation facilitated by the possibility of two half-shell mountings.

Except these different technical advantages, the material range PXLKOT also offers a financial benefit compare to other guidance materials such as Bronze material.

PXLKOT rouleau bleu PXLSEALS

The table below groups our main grade, allowing to answer a large panel of applications.


To answer your technical problems, PXL Seals offers you the PXLKOT products in a large range of dimensions and shapes. Among the shapes of available parts we find “classical” upper guide bands, rings and ringlets but also plates and tubes which you would re-manufacture at your convenience. Moreover, for any specific profile, do not hesitate to consult us with your drawing to validate the feasibility.

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