Rotary Composite Seals

04/06/2018 - posté dans HYDRO

Designed for rotary applications that need to be able to withstand high pressures and low friction.

With several decades of experience in the heavy-duty seals sector under its belt, PXL SEALS is continually extending its product range to offer customers the most appropriate products for their individual needs. The product we are proposing to you today is a major benchmark in the rotary seals sector that has very much proven its worth.

More specifically, we offer two different versions of the same profile: PFAT, which is installed using a “rod” assembly, and PFCT, installed using a “piston” assembly.

This seal consists of two elements:

  • A pad that ensures the dynamic sealing between the fixed part and the moving part, made from PTFE, engineered plastic or polyurethane (PU) in most cases. We can offer a wide range of materials to provide a solution for your application’s sealing requirements.

  • A spreader (generally O-ring type), made from elastomer, for keeping pressure on the pad (application of a permanent load) while ensuring static sealing (at bottom of housing).

joint-profil-pfat-montage-tige-vue joint-profil-pfct-montage-piston-vue

This profile has been designed both to address the need for rotary applications to withstand high pressures and the need to reduce friction. The seal’s design and facial grooves increase the local contact pressure, degree of sealing and, therefore, resistance to high pressures.


Thanks to the various options for combining materials between the pad and spreader, it can be used in a very diverse range of sectors, from the hydraulic and hydroelectric industries right through to all the other high-tech industries (food, automotive, etc.).

If necessary, do not hesitate to contact the PXL SEALS technical department. It will examine all your individual requirements to propose the most suitable seal for your application.


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