New website for PXL Seals

13/02/2014 - posté dans PXL Seals

PXL SEALS is pleased to introduce you with its new website showing the PXL SEALS expertise and products.

While visiting the new website, you will find all products and services in the Hydro pages, provided by PXL SEALS : on-site installation and maintenance, manufacture of sealing systems for turbine groups, valves, penstocks, etc.

A page is also dedicated to sealing systems for Large bearings, the other PXL SEALS activity.

A news section has been created to help you discover PXL SEALS and other events.

Please send your comments about the new PXL SEALS website via the contact page : we will be able to improve it and be even more at your service !

The PXL SEALS team

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