PXL SEALS - Sealing and bearings, mastering the challenges

Strategic sealing systems for energy and industry

Design, manufacturing and installation of sealing systems for hydropower and industry. Hydro turbines and gates seals, large bearing seals, seals for wind turbines, offshore, shipbuilding/repair and industry, large diameter seals.
On-site services : installation, refurbishment, on-site molding without dismantling the equipment.

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The sales team travels to the heart of our customers' facilities

Why would the sales team be to the core of our customers' facilities? For PXL Seals, it is the opportunity to properly measure and understand the issues and constraints and to be as close as... (...)


Hydro Practitioners Conference in Graz

Today we're visiting our customers at the Hydro Practitioners Conference in Graz, which brings together turbine manufacturers and hydro players from Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Germany.... (...)


Blade seal maintenance: what are the solutions for replacing your Kaplan and...

blade seals? Turbines are among the most strategic components found in hydroelectric power equipment. Among the various existing designs, vertical or horizontal Kaplan turbines are equipped with... (...)